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K – Gurukul – Facilities
Notes – Highly structured and meticulous study material complied by our staff. They are systematically prepared taking every minute detail into consideration and presented in simple language to enable students to have a cut above the rest.

Practicals – Practical play a vital role in enhancing the overall performance. Along with theory regular practical practice will be done.

Appraisal – Regular Chapter wise test, mock test and solving of Board exam paper along with other test will be conducted from time to time.

Assessment – For paving a path for further improvement assessed test papers shall be given to the students.These papers will be moderated by highly qualified and competent individuals.

Feedback – Regular and effective feedback will be given to parents.

Student Counseling – Due to tremendous pressure, be it parental or peer pressure to perform well, hinders the child’s performance. To help them out of this problem, we have counselors for students to regain the lost confidence and boost their morale.

Guest Lectures – To be with pace of new technology and invention guest lectures for students are organized as required.